We began to see that although the Hi-Fi band loves playing retro-rock music, it is becoming more of a lean commodity. The nightclub and pub crowds that are used to current trend music are not really paying as much attention to the tunes as they are their drinks. That’s cool sometimes but . . .
     We’re primarily interested in doing music that features rhythm, melody and harmony. At the same time we noticed that there is resurgence in acoustic styled renderings and a return to the coffee-house culture, so we kept the rock material but did a tributary into a more “wooden” type of song list and decided to pursue performances at the wineries and coffee houses that support more serious performances and vocalizing. Our drummer/vocalist, Daryl Person just happened to be excellent at guitar as well as percussion, so we entered into our “Acoustic Project” to focus on more intimate settings, harmony vocals and precision – and a bit more fun as well. We can interact with our audiences in more intimate situations such as the aforementioned venues.

                        We still serve up the rock classics but we also gravitate towards offering our music “under the microscope”, so to speak . .